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GET LAMP: David Shaw Interview

Published September 28, 2006

David Shaw is an alumnus of MIT who was attending around the same time as some of the students who would work on Zork and later Infocom. We were introduced at a Boston gaming event and I thought it would be informative to speak to someone present at the history of Infocom/Zork who was not a direct player - I was right. David talks about how he found out about the games, about the character of Steve Meretzky as college student, and about what he thought the various products Infocom came out with reflected personalities inside. He also had played text adventure games at the beginning and had made maps on large printer paper, which he still had. In the time since, David had been involved in the design of an RPG which he describes in great detail during part of this interview. This is one of the few GET LAMP interviews with no brass lantern in the background.

Producer Jason Scott Sadofsky
Production Company Jason Scott Sadofsky
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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